Six weeks of summer: Week 3, visiting the childminder

By Published On: August 17th, 2015

As you all know I am currently on leave from […]

As you all know I am currently on leave from work and have six weeks where I get to spend all of my time with my little man. So far it’s been amazing—I feel like I’m really bonding with him, and this week has been the same as last, besides one big thing …

image1I’ve visited the childminder (aka daycare) we need to put Ben into as of September when both my partner and I are at work full time.

Let me start by saying we began the research for a good childminder before Ben was born, and we’ve picked a wonderful one who is child-focused and flexible, which is perfect for us.

However, I’m having a hard time about it all—a really hard time. I know that a lot of you read and comment via Facebook, so I could use some help if anyone has recently been through the process of leaving your little one in someone else’s care more or less full time. Because honestly, my anxiety over this is beyond most anxiety I have felt with regard to having a baby.

I understand it’s important for a little one to learn from others, and a childminder is perfect for the development of his social skills. So, I completely understand that long term this will be a good thing, but it’s not helping my little mind feel OK about it.

I mean, what if he’s not nurtured in the same way myself and my partner have nurtured him, or what if he’s picked on by another child who is used to getting their own way?

Since the day Ben was born, either my partner or I have been a constant in his life. Sure, he’s spent time with grandparents, but they are an extension of us and have also been a constant in his life. At no point has Ben not been with family, mostly his mummy and daddy. He has never spent time alone with another person, and that brings me to my biggest worry: What if Ben thinks we are abandoning him when September comes, and we are both at work full time? I’m terrified my relationship with him will change as a result of this transition. Quite frankly, I’d do anything to not have this bond with my boy be altered in any way.

This is a short post this week, but I want to close by asking for your advise. I’ve been writing about being a parent since two weeks before he came into our world, but I really don’t have all the answers—and I need some help. If you’ve had to do this with your little one, I’d like to know how you got on and whether what I fear most of all is anything I need to worry about.