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By Published On: August 5th, 2011

There is nothing more precious or more delicate than a […]

There is nothing more precious or more delicate than a newborn baby.
It’s important to keep this reality in mind when considering and choosing products for your little one. miYim has taken this truth to heart while creating whimsical, safe toys ideal for infants and toddlers.
All of miYim’s eco-friendly toys are tested for all ages and meet the highest product safety standards. They use a unique process, PureWaterWash, to create their charming, signature colors which infants and toddlers adore.

After having my first child, I quickly learned the value and soothing qualities of music. One of my diaper bag must haves is a soft toy that plays gentle, calming music. This Owl Musical Pull toy is perfect, simply pull the soft string to begin a peaceful lullaby that even the fussiest baby will enjoy. This charming owl also includes an easy-to-attach velcro tab so that he can be conveniently attached to babies carseat or stroller. A joy for the eyes and the ears!

miYim has several adorable stroller toys in their line ready to attach to your little one’s stroller, carseat, or highchair. My favorite of the collection are these three sweet bugs, Bailey the Bee, Calvin the Caterpillar, and Lola the Ladybug. Each unique toy features a convenient strap that easily attaches to the carseat, stroller, or even the diaper bag. Each offers a fun interactive element for your child to enjoy and all three, like all of miYim’s toys are super soft and safe.
Bailey the Bee features fun crinkle paper in his wings and intriguing dangling legs. Your little one will love reaching for him and engaging his gentle chime.
Lola the Ladybug is perfect for the little lady on the go. She features an enchanting mir-rored bottom and a soft chime, perfect for the carseat.
Calvin the Caterpillar’s bouncing little body and yellow and green design is perfect for entertaining tiny tots on the go. His charming design and dangling legs will keep your child stimulated and his soothing chime will keep your little one reaching for more.

One of my son Charlie’s favorite shows is the new “The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About That” on PBS. Fortunately, miYim has the perfect complementary toy – The Cat in the Hat by MiYim is made from cotton that’s untreated, unprocessed, and unbleached. He’s naturally colored using miYim’s signature PureWaterWash, so you can feel comfortable knowing that he’s an ideal, safe companion for your tiny tot.
I can also add that he washes beautifully. After a run in with a magic marker he went for a ride in our washer and came out looking great!

A must-have for every little girl is a first doll, but it’s important to make sure that that doll is as safe and natural as possible. The Good Earth Fairy is a perfect fit. She’s made of natural cotton and features a whimsical fairylike design. Her body is soft and smooth and her clothing features unique linen accents. The Good Earth Fairy is 100 percent safe and a perfect gift for your infant or toddler.