Shower power

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

Whether you plan your theme around the sex of your […]

Whether you plan your theme around the sex of your baby, the nursery, the food you serve or your favorite color, it makes no difference to us. What we do care about, however, is that you have a theme that shines. A great themed party can reflect really well on the mom-to-be and the hostess, and result in lots of fantastic memories and pictures.
Your guest list and theme should help you determine your menu, games and party favors, but if you’re having a little trouble narrowing down your options, we’re here to help.
Festive food
Cheese cubes are so yesterday, so why not throw a little zing at your partygoers’ taste buds and serve up something savory and filling? Make the party a BBQ with adult-sized bibs, or a Mexican Fiesta, complete with mini tacos and pregnancy-safe margaritas.
If you’re still feeling as though traditional hors d’oeuvres and finger foods are more your style, then try to mix up the menu a bit. Make your food trays and veggie platters play to your entire theme by serving miniature (or baby-sized) foods. You’d be surprised how many veggies come in size “mini,” with baby carrots, petite pumpkins and cherry tomatoes taking the cake.
Weird showers
Here are a few shower ideas that are outside the typical party box:
Shower Auction
Tired of repeat gifts and ho-hum showers? Try a shower auction! The company supplies all the instructions, invitations and information, and the guests bid on the nursery of your dreams. Sure beats waiting in line at the store! (See for more info.)
Bed rest extravaganza
Is your guest of honor holed up for the remainder of her pregnancy? Then bring the party to her! If it’s at her home, help by cleaning up beforehand (this might be the best gift you could give)—and if it’s at the hospital, bring flowers to brighten the space. Keep the guest list short and bring a few pampering gifts for mom. You want this shower to be as relaxing as possible![tip:] To make mom feel extra comfy, make it a pajama party so she’s not the only one partying in an oversized nightie.
Wrap party
Want to host a shower for someone who lives out of state or overseas? Invite local friends and family and ask them to bring unwrapped gifts. Provide wrapping paper and shipping boxes, and throw a small party in the absent mom’s honor. Once boxes are filled with wrapped gifts, take them to a local shipping center to be mailed. Be sure to document the party—that way you can send a thoughtful photo album or video, too.