Shift into neutral

By Published On: March 2nd, 2012

I have a couple expectant friends and family members who decided to wait until their new additions were born to find out whether a baby boy or baby girl would be joining their clans. Such restraint! I’m in awe of their discipline—I’m not sure I could keep myself from peeking at the telling ultrasound picture!—and also inspired by it. I really like the idea of avoiding pink or blue … at least for a while. While green and yellow are both hues without strong gender associations, we’re going to keep today’s nursery mood board as neutral as neutral gets with creamy white and earthy beige. To me, it’s looking airy, serene and inviting. Do you agree?

Here’s what we’re looking at:
a. The dreamiest of mobiles.
b. A perfectly sophisticated glider.
c. A super sweet sleep sack (which may tend a bit toward the girly side, but is simply too adorable to pass up).
d. A bold rug in a subtle scheme.
e. A midcentury style crib.
f. A linen and silk crib quilt, sure to become a family heirloom.
P.S. More gender-neutral nursery inspiration: colorless (but not lifeless!) furnishings, a grey and yellow abode, a beachy getaway, and a crisp design.