She’s getting feisty

By Published On: May 25th, 2015

My, my … 10 months old and developing some serious attitude. That’s the update […]

My, my … 10 months old and developing some serious attitude. That’s the update this week. Our baby girl has a fun new habit when things aren’t going her way. It’s a classic toddler move, so I’m wondering if we’re in for some pretty epic tantrums down the road.
First, a little background: She’s figured out how to scootch herself forward now, and she’s getting quick about it. Her wildly inventive method of locomotion involves center splits at this point, but she’s figuring out how to lift her bum a bit, too—so she’s getting faster. That means I’m taking more things away from her (we have far too many Legos and dog toys in this house), and she doesn’t like it.
IMG_2484It usually happens like this: She grabs something she’ll choke on (or else it’s soaked in dog drool); I pick her up and take it away. That’s her cue for the new move that expresses her instant dissatisfaction. It’s a dramatic, full-body movement that starts with a wail as she throws herself backward, leading with her head and raised arms. Both my husband and I have come close to dropping her when she pulls this little stunt, and she’s managed to bang her head against the wall on several occasions, too.
The first few times she did it, she startled even herself, which made her cry in that special accusing way, like it was all my fault. Now she has complete faith in my ability to hold on to her no matter how suddenly she flings herself backward in outrage. But now I can see it coming, so at least I’m prepared. And this isn’t my first rodeo—I remember this little stunt from her older brothers and sister. Actually, I’d bet most parents would instantly recognize this move. It’s timeless, really.
As the youngest of four kiddos, you’d think this one would be laid-back, a go-with-the-flow sort. You’d be wrong. True, she’s used to noise and lots of energy and excitement, but she’s definitely holding her own with the crazy kids running around this place. If she’s not in the mood when her 3-year-old brother gets in her face to give her a big ol’ smooch, it’s instantly clear. It sounds like an indignant little squawk, but we all know exactly what she’s saying—and it’s along the lines of, “Hey, beat it!”
Oh, and another fun habit she’s developed when she’s sitting in the hanging high chair or in my lap at the coffee shop: throwing anything within reach to the floor. I know the “pick it up so I can throw it again” game, and this isn’t it. She’s shoveling everything to the floor with attitude. Like the car keys and sugar packets and that spoon are all very offensive to her. Cute, right? Actually, it’s really cute—all that sass in such a little package.