By Published On: June 30th, 2010

Written by: Ginny June 29 2010 I read this book […]

Written by: Ginny

I read this book to Charlotte today with tears streaming down my face.

In Will You Still Love Me?, the little animals- and lastly a human boy- ask their mothers if they'll still love them and play with them after their siblings come. Each mother assures her child that he will always be loved and hold a special place in her heart.

I've heard from so many moms that “the heart makes room” to love more children even when it doesn't seem possible (funny enough, I've frequently heard that exact wording to describe the change). So I'm not too worried that Iwon't love my new baby- I'm more worried that my relationship with Char will change. She's been my baby for over three years now, and I'm so smitten with her that I'm terrified a new baby will mess up what we have or leave her without the time and attention I think she deserves.

Is it possible to be as loving and attentive a mother to two (or to six, for that matter) as to only one? Does every mom experience this inner fear, or am I more emotional than most? I'm so used to being a mom to one, having her as my whole world. And she was such an awesome baby, and now, wonderful kid, that I can't picture another living up to the standard she set. Will I always feel biased toward her, or will it change right away, or will I split my affection gradually? “Split”sounds negative, I think … hopefully I can multiply my love instead?