Seven things I'm thankful for

By Published On: November 26th, 2014

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already here! That means it’s […]

McKinley_7months_11-26-14I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already here! That means it’s time to add to the zillions of other “I’m Thankful for Everything!” lists that are floating around the Interwebs. But my list is special! I’d like to think it’s like a really good bridesmaid’s dress … you can totally use it again one day. (Riiiight!)
Let me just get the obvious stuff out of the way first: I’m grateful for a happy and healthy 7-month-old, and I’m especially grateful that Andy and I ultimately decided that parenthood was the path for us. I’m thankful for my dog, my family, my friends, hot water heaters, socks and coffee. I’m especially thankful for a work/life balance that lets me stay home with Bea and do what I love—even if it means a little less sleep. And, of course, I’m thankful for my main man and Bea’s Super Dad, Andy. He’s a hottie. And he lets me put as many throw pillows as I want on our bed, and I know that’s really something special.
Whew. Now for the other stuff! In honor of Bea’s 7-month birthday, I’d like to share seven of the things that have made our lives with a baby a whole lot easier—or a whole lot more fun.

  • The Wubbanub: Our house would stop functioning without these stuffed pacifier holders. I’m convinced they were forged within the most magnificent confines of heaven and sent down to parents everywhere as a glorious, sleep-granting gift. To keep things sanitary, Bea has a dinosaur, a caterpillar, and a bear that are on rotation, and she’s obsessed with all three of them. Heck, I’m obsessed with all three of them. They’re so big that she was able to put in her own pacifier very early on, which has allowed Andy and me to bank a lot more Zs.
  • Baby food prep supplies: I’m so glad making your own baby food is a “thing” nowadays. Sure, some of the mainstream gear is a little over the top (I just use a food processor instead of a fancy baby blender), but it’s nice to have access to so many creative options for serving my wee one her pureed peas. I’m particularly fond of our Mumi and Bubi trays, which are basically just glorified ice cube trays with lids. They’re easy to store, easy to clean, and best of all I can use them for more than just baby food—and any baby thing that can be used for more than three months gets an A+ from me!
  • “What to Expect the First Year”: Obviously I’m a pretty big fan of mom blogs. And magazines. And doctors. But sometimes it’s just nice to have a go-to guide to pull off the ol’ bookshelf whenever you think your baby might have thrush. Which brings me to my next point …
  • Microwavable sanitizing bags: Oh, how I love thee! In the long-standing battle against thrush, these have been a lifesaver. Although they’re definitely not necessary, they’re just so much more convenient than dragging out a pot and boiling the heck out of Bea’s toys in 20-minute shifts. A minute-and-a-half in the microwave and I’ve got a pile of germ-free gear. #winning
  • My camera: I loved taking pictures before we had Bea, but now that I have the perfect model living under my roof, I’ve taken this photography thing to a whole new level. Maybe it’s just the “first child syndrome,” but I take a lot of pictures.
  • Bamboobies: I may have mentioned these on the blog before, but I’m sort-of obsessed with them so I think I’ll just slather them with a little more lovin’. These nursing pads are uh-may-zing. They’re so soft, so gentle, so kind … they’re everything you should look for in something that’s so familiar with your lovely lady lumps. When I ditched the disposable pads for these, the sun came out and birds started chirping. It was that epic of a moment.
  • Insanely talented friends: I’m not sure how, but I hit the jackpot when it comes to creative friends and family. Or, more accurately, Bea hit the jackpot. All of her handmade goodies are the ones we use the most—and the ones we’ll keep around forever. (Well, maybe not the burp cloths, but the handcrafted quilts, bags, toys and paintings are totally getting hoarded.) I love and cherish them beyond measure, so in the event of a fire, if you see me flinging piles of blankets out the nursery window, you’ll know why.

So, that’s my spiel. I hope that this Thanksgiving you are surrounded by the people (and the stuff) that makes your life wonderful! If you’re not, then I’d highly recommend getting yourself some reusable nursing pads. You deserve it.
Happy Thanksgiving!