Scream of celebration

By Published On: September 11th, 2013

My baby has developed a few new talents over the […]

Thomasrogers911My baby has developed a few new talents over the past month. He learned to roll over onto his back. He then learned to roll back onto his stomach. He also bought his first car on Friday, and then sold it for a profit. Boom. You know you want my business-savvy baby. This kid can even hold his own bottle. Yes, he juggles it and throws it at the wall while trying to regain his grip, but still, he is ridiculously impressive. One might say that he is advanced.
Unfortunately, not all of his new tricks are worth the bragging. Screaming, in particular. The little guy has decided that he loves what screaming feels and sounds like. For anybody else within 100 yards, it feels and sounds like all the goodness in the world is being slowly sucked out. Apparently, this pleases my advanced robot baby. He giggles in the face of our discomfort.
When Oliver first discovered that he could use his voice loudly, he tried it out randomly throughout the day and watched as we squirmed. He was like that kid who got a trumpet for Christmas. He plays it in his room, with friends, and whenever he gets bored.  Most of all, he wants to know how he can use his loud voice in everyday life. Yes, he can use it when he becomes angry and wants to punch us in the face. However, I have found that he enjoys using it when laughing, when eating, and when playing with his father. In those cases, it sounds less like a scream, and more like a determined, triumphant battle cry.
This past Saturday, he discovered a new way to use his voice. Just after we had put him in his crib, my son began chirping from his bedroom. Through the video monitor, we could see that he was trying (and failing) to roll over onto his stomach. He had never done it before at that point, and he could not figure out how to get over his shoulder. We watched as he attempted to use his leg for momentum, swinging his whole body after it. Then, unexpectedly, he let out a battle cry and threw himself over. The baby was silent, triumphant and confused. Meanwhile, his parents were cheering from the other room. We came in to greet him and congratulate him, and he met us with a giant grin.
I cannot help but wonder if he’s going to yell like that before every milestone. It might make his first steps more fun, but it would get a little awkward if he did that at church events and graduations.