Save the date

By Published On: January 1st, 2015

Each night I write a short one-liner about what happened […]

One-Canoe-Two-2Each night I write a short one-liner about what happened during the day, and next year, I’ll cycle through the cards again doing the same thing. I can’t wait to see what changes—and what doesn’t—over time.
—Lauren, Executive Editor
One Canoe Two Letterpress perpetual calendar, $58

Leifshop At the end of each month, I cut off the calendar portion of this desktop design and send the remaining houseplant postcard to a friend. How cute is that?
—Chantel, Associate Editor
hartland brooklyn desk calendar, $20

Artifact-Uprising-1 I’m always looking for new ways to display photos of my kids, and this option is a current favorite.
—Lacey, Editor in Chief
Artifact Uprising clipboard calendar, $29

MochiThingsI’ve got big plans for 2015—and now I have a big place to keep track of them.
—Steph, Creative Director
MochiThings oversized planner, $38

fruitsuperA perfect example of form and function, this wooden wonder brings me a sense of Zen.
—Stephanie, Editorial Intern
fruitsuper design perpetual calendar, $120

Pinhole-PressSometimes you’ve just got to take things one week at a time.
—Ginny, Contributing Editor
Pinhole Press weekly notepad, $30

Rifle-Paper-CoI’ve recently been bitten by the travel bug, and I’m hoping to see some far-off places.
—Elizabeth, Editorial Intern
Rifle Paper Co. wall calendar, $26

PaperSourceI buy the latest version of this planner every year because it lies flat, has room to write and fits in my handbag.
—Shea, Fashion & Style Editor
Paper Source academic planner, $15