Sassy ModPod Pop Monkey Bouncer

By Published On: September 1st, 2010

This bouncy seat is so cute! There are several things […]

This bouncy seat is so cute! There are several things I love about it, and just a few I think maybe could be a bit better.
SassyLet’s start with the good stuff. The design is super cute and lightweight. The headrest is very soft and is also adjustable. The whole cloth seat can be removed to be washed—a very important feature if your child spits up as much as mine! The seat has two different positions, one that is a more horizontal position appropriate for a newborn and one that is more upright for a child that is a bit older. At first, with it being so lightweight, I did not think it would hold up for a bigger child. However, I put my friend’s 6-month old in it and it held up just fine. (And believe me, she is a healthy 6-month old!) I like the music and the adjustable volume as well as adjustable vibration level.
Ok, now just a few improvements that I might wish for. First, the seat is not super long, and when I put the aforementioned 6 month old in, she could kick the controls, turning it on and off. Second, in order to get to the song you like, you have to toggle through all the others, every time! There is no way to set it to the one you like. And finally, I could not figure out how to get the toy bar with the cute little monkeys to stay in well … the result being that my 2-year old keeps removing it and I have to chase him down to get it back!
All in all, I would recommend this seat to a friend. It seems to be durable and it is so lightweight and therefore easily portable from room to room. It is very cute and can be gender neutral with its nice soft green color. And, most importantly, it is safe and comfortable for both tiny newborns and chunky 6-month olds!
Price: $50
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