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Anxiety can be part of the package deal that goes with all the wonder of being a first-time parent. I remember leaving the hospital and feeling like I was looking at the world through new eyes—with your new little person in tow, every move you make suddenly has purpose, and each choice is critical. Safety is something that quickly becomes a priority as you make your journey from the hospital to your home, and then from your little nest out into the world. My daughter and I took our first trip alone at just over three weeks postpartum, when mommy was finally ready to venture out of the house and try out our new Safety 1st Step and Go Travel System.


My fiancé put the stroller together and was impressed with how little assembly was required. The instructions were easy to follow—he had the wheels and the safe seat pad attached and was cruising the stroller around the living room within 15 minutes. Our car seat and stroller are Scarlet Red, but there are five colors to choose from. I tend to go for things that are sleek and simple, so I was automatically a fan of this product and its no-frills design.

With the stroller ready to go, it was time to add baby! The onBoard 35 infant car seat comes with the system and is ready to go right out of the box. It was quite easy to load baby in—it was as quick as adjusting the straps and shifting the infant insert to fit snugly around her head. Thanks to the QuickClick feature, the car seat attached to the stroller with one click. I later found out that this feature also makes it very simple affix the car seat to the stay-in-car base.

OK! Baby is in—after the obligatory last-minute diaper change and bottle, of course—and off we go! I decided a short walk to a nearby coffee shop would do for our first outing, because, let’s face it, mama needed a latte. The anxiety crept in as we made our way down the sidewalk, to the crosswalk at the end of the street and then onto a pebbly area where we dodged the numerous potholes that adorn the streets of our Atlanta neighborhood. There may be more fashion-forward strollers or perhaps products that are more lightweight, but nothing is as important as the safety of your child … and I felt completely comfortable with the quality of the Step and Go as we traveled along.

The simple (but great!) feature that stood out to me that day: the single swivel tires. The wheels made it a smooth ride for baby and an easy transition through the city terrain for mama. I wouldn’t call this a running stroller, but the versatility should be noted. I also noticed, as I was zigzagging through cramped tables at the coffee shop, that the stroller was quite spacious without being obnoxiously large. The stroller is suitable for use from 4-35 pounds.


I would be remiss not to mention the key selling feature of the travel system: the step-to-open design. You literally step down on a pedal and pull a tab in the seat, which allows the stroller to fold up on its own. It took me me a few tries to get the technique down, but I really like how the stroller stands on its own after it’s folded.

Although the folding of the stroller is quite convenient, it isn’t fitting into the trunk of my Volvo anytime soon … but if you have an SUV or any larger vehicle, it should not be an issue.


There are many little conveniences I enjoy, such as the four cup holders and how easily the seat pad can be removed for cleaning. The system is also quite suitable for inclement weather, and has both a canopy (with a peek-a-boo window) and an extendable sun visor (which perfectly blocked baby’s eyes on the journey). The handles to the stroller and car seat are quite comfortable to hold and have a good grip, and the basket at the bottom of the stroller is a good size and fits even my fairly large diaper bag.

Overall, the convenience and safety of this product make it win for me. As a first-time parent, you revel in the little successes … and feeling good about taking my daughter outside the four walls of our home meant everything to me. This was only the first of many coffee dates for the two of us!

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