Safety 1st Sink Snuggler Baby Bather

By Published On: October 13th, 2011

If you are anything like me, then you know that […]

If you are anything like me, then you know that baby bathing can be a joy but also a time of anxiety for first-time moms.
Luckily, with the Safety 1st Sink Snuggler Baby Bather, simple, yet fun, design meets the safety that we’ve all come to expect from a company that prides itself on safety above everything else.
sink snugglerThe Sink Snuggler, made for infants, comes fully assembled, with all parts in tact. In fact, when you buy it at the store, it comes ready to use. The only thing I had to do was clip off the tag and we were ready for bath time.
The first important part to note about the Sink Snuggler’s design is the soft, foam material that it’s made from. It feels like those squishy bath foam letters that your babe will be sure to use in the coming years. The material allows my baby to be comfortable in any position in the sink. That’s a dream for me as a worried mom. The material also comes with tiny, almost invisible ridges in the foam that I think help prevent the baby from sliding around. My baby loves to happily lie in the bather while I sponge around. There are no loose ends that will poke so I am confident that the precious skin of my babe will be protected. I absolutely adore the neon green color. It’s perfect if you have a boy or a girl.
The next important aspect to note about the Sink Snuggler is that the bather comes complete with Velcro fasteners (made for the water, of course) that allow you to adjust the size of the tub to fit properly in different types of sinks. We were able to tighten the fasteners for our double sink in the kitchen and loosen them for our single sink in the bathroom. This option allows parents to use multiple sinks in the same house—A handy option when the need for surprise baths arise!
Another simplistic, yet ingenious, factor about this tub is that it comes apart for easy drying, cleaning and storage. When bath time is over, simply unlatch the fasteners and hang to dry. We like to hang ours on our shower faucet but the innovative design allows you to hang it up anywhere.
On an upcoming trip to visit my parents (one of baby’s first), we are planning to fold up the bath and carry it in our suitcase. Just like that, the Sink Snuggler is ready for any house and any sink. Now there is no need to worry about putting my baby in an unfamiliar spot. I know the sink bather will provide a comfort and familiarity when we travel.
It’s the easy-breezy, no-fuss, no-mess, no-parts and no-cost bather that you will love to use over and over. This infant bather is responsible for easing my bath woes. I recommend this product to all moms and to all little babies.
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