Room service: Willa's nursery

By Published On: July 1st, 2015

Meet Willa Baby Willa likes to grin while arching her […]

Willa-6---Credit-Modern-Kids-CoMeet Willa
Baby Willa likes to grin while arching her eyebrows as if to say, “Wow, that’s so incredible.” Fortunately, her photographer mom, Sarah Hebenstreit, has just the skill set to capture the sweet expression on camera, as well as to document the soothing ocean-inspired nursery she created for her daughter.
Willa-IMG_4008WillaCombo3On the role of Pinterest
“I could not have pulled the room together without Pinterest. I created two boards: one public board for all of the pieces I was inspired by and a private board of what was purchased. It was so helpful during the design process and while narrowing down what to buy.”
WillaCombo1Willa-18---Credit-Modern-Kids-CoOn a multi-use space
“I wanted to create something very calming and peaceful that was also a happy and creative space for Willa because the room is not just for sleeping. I like how it can easily transform from a sleep space to a play space.”
Willa-8---Credit-Modern-Kids-CoWilla-11---Credit-Modern-Kids-CoOn curating the gallery wall
“The gallery wall is a favorite because I gathered the prints while I was pregnant and constantly thinking about the little girl we were about to meet. Every piece on the wall has a little story—a screen print from a friend, some vintage illustrations from Etsy and a few pieces we had purchased prebaby that fit perfectly with the theme.”
Willa-1---Credit-Modern-Kids-CoWilla-4---Credit-Modern-Kids-CoOn an adult-friendly baby room
“What I love most about the room is that it’s not 100 percent for a kid. For instance, most of the artwork could easily live in other rooms of our house, and I can reuse frames from the gallery wall in the future. I also love the giant ocean photograph we put over her crib. It’s an unexpected piece for a baby’s room—plus, I can daydream about beach vacations while playing with Willa.”
Willa-7---Credit-Modern-Kids-CoOn planning ahead
“It’s so important to think through how a nursery will change to a big kid space in a relatively short amount of time, so that you can small adjustments instead of big ones,” says Hebenstreit, who intends to transition the changing table are into a usable toddler space (think books, toy storage and room to play) as Willa grows.