Room service: Sam's nursery

By Published On: July 1st, 2015

Meet Sam Baby Sam enjoys avocados, books and dancing to […]

Sam-9---credit-The-Kiddo-CollectiveMeet Sam
Baby Sam enjoys avocados, books and dancing to funky music. His designer mom, Maria Sabbah, crafts clever art and room accessories for her online shop, Tellkiddo, and she managed to sneak a few of her signature items into her son’s super-hip bedroom.
Sam-4---credit-The-Kiddo-CollectiveOn the mood of the room
“I wanted to create a relaxed room where fantasy and a whole lot of fun can be stimulated with a cozy, relaxed corner for the bed and a colorful bookshelf on the opposite wall.”
SamCombo7On the impact of paint
“Everybody just loves the gray wall. It was so simple to do, but the room is amazing with one half gray and the other white.”
On having a spot for parents to hang out
“The tent with the mattress is perfect for the early mornings when you have a very alert son, but you just want to go back to sleep. Sam’s dad and I often share the mattress when Sam is playing around us in his room.”
Sam-3---credit-The-Kiddo-CollectiveOn keeping things interesting
“I’m always changing the prints around and adding new prints to the wall above the bed. After Sam has taken his nap, we talk about the prints—the animals, how they sound, what colors they have and so on.”
Sams-NurseryOn playing favorites
If she had to choose, Sabbah would pick these three design elements as her faves. First, the wall: “I love the feeling the gray color gives; it makes the room feel cozier.” Next, the tepee-style tent: “Sam loves to play hide-and-seek in there, and it’s just priceless. Lastly, the prints on the wall: “It’s a mix of my own designs, as well as a lot of other designers—both new and well-established.”