Room service: Leo's nursery

By Published On: July 1st, 2015

Meet Leo Baby Leo’s favorite toys are his hands, and […]

Leo-10---credit-Belinda-NihillMeet Leo
Baby Leo’s favorite toys are his hands, and he’s very good at rolling over—as long as no one is watching, that is. His mum, Belinda Nihill, is an interior designer with a knack for balancing whimsy and sophistication, as exemplified in this inspiring sanctuary.
Leo-5---credit-Belinda-NihillLeoCombo1Leo-9---credit-Belinda-NihillOn the importance of function
“With my two older sons, I used a traditional change table, but this dresser is so much better. It’s a great height for my husband and I (we are tall), and I love having the drawers with nappies, etc., for easy access while still keeping the items hidden.”
Leo-14---credit-Belinda-NihillOn mixing it up
“As an interior designer who specializes in nurseries and children’s rooms, I like to take the opportunity to design something that my clients aren’t asking for when I’m creating my own littles’ rooms … to show them something a little different.”
Leo-2---credit-Belinda-NihillOn planning ahead
“My rocking chair is not available to buy in Australia, so when I had one imported for a client, I took the opportunity to get one for myself as well. And no, I wasn’t pregnant then!”
Leo-3---credit-Belinda-NihillOn new roles for old things
“We have a farm, and my husband brought the tree trunk for the side table home for me—although it took him about eight attempts at getting the right shape/size/color before finding this one! The toy box was from the farm, too, and had been sitting in a shed for about 20 years. We just added castors, and I painted our surname and year of marriage on it to make it personal.”