Room service: Delia's nursery

By Published On: July 1st, 2015

Meet Delia Baby Delia is a big fan of two […]

DeliaBea-15---credit-Ruth-Eileen-PhotographyMeet Delia
Baby Delia is a big fan of two things: milk and her big brother, Silas. Her mom, Lindsay Wilkins, is a blogger at HelloHue and the handywoman and creative brains behind her daughter’s not-too-pink nursery.
Delia's-Combo-4On straying from the norm
“While I was over the moon about the ruffles and pinks I’d be buying for Delia’s wardrobe, I didn’t want anything too girly or princess-y for her room. I dreamt of a fun space that would feel bright, fresh and playful. I love rooms that can easily transition and grow as the baby does, so that was another goal that I kept in mind.”
On art with meaning
“The painting above the rocker is probably my very favorite thing in the room. I painted it while nine months pregnant, and it was really special to create that piece of art for her. I can see it hanging over her bed in a toddler room or over her desk in her college dorm room, and I hope that it’s something she’ll hang on to and treasure for a long time.”
DeliaBea-7----credit-Ruth-Eileen-PhotographyDelia-Combo-2On the statement rug
“I knew from the beginning that I wanted the over-dyed rug in her room, and it’s the one thing everyone comments on when they step into her nursery.”
DeliaBea-1---credit-Ruth-Eileen-PhotographyDelia's-Combo-5On everything coming together
“I was inspired by the bright and fun colors in a print I own by Michelle Armas and took it from there. I wanted to use turquoise as the main color, with accents of metallic gold, pink and yellow. For me, one of the really fun parts of designing a space is seeing how it evolves from an inspiration to a real room. Her actual room is a bit different from my original inspiration, but I adore how it turned out.”
DeliaBea-17---credit-Ruth-Eileen-PhotographyImages courtesy of Ruth Eileen Photography.