Rolling machine

By Published On: March 11th, 2013

The other day, Isaac was playing in his play gym, […]

031113aim-featureThe other day, Isaac was playing in his play gym, and was rolling to his side like he has done for weeks. Only this time, he had a determination about him that was different. I could tell he was working on rolling over, so I grabbed the video camera and started filming. Little man was downright furious that he couldn’t seem to roll himself over. He grunted, he screamed, and he of course cried. Then, with one final push and a kick, he made it! Suddenly, he quieted, and as I made my way in front of him with the camera, I realized he was smiling a big, happy smile. He was so proud of himself and my heart melted right on the spot. Seeing him struggle through learning something new, accomplish it, and have that sense of satisfaction was pretty amazing. I was so glad I caught it on video!
Since then, he has become a rolling machine. As soon as you lay him down, he flips right over. The only problem is, he’s still not fond of tummy time, so once he rolls over he gets angry because he’s on his stomach. He is either going to have to learn to like it, or learn to roll back over, I guess.
I know there are tons of moments like this to come where I’ll watch him figure things out and learn new things. This was only the first big one, but it was one of my favorite moments yet. So proud of my boy!