By Published On: October 9th, 2013

I’m behind. I haven’t written in my baby journal for […]

rollinI’m behind. I haven’t written in my baby journal for months (well, since the baby was born, really). I’ve missed jotting down those all-important milestones. I keep believing that I will have time later, and suddenly later arrives and I find myself weighing my options: sleep or scrapbooking. Before I can decide, I’m asleep. But the big milestone that happened about a month ago can’t go undocumented. It was big. No, Little E did not call and order his first pizza. And no, he did not pass his driver’s test. He rolled over.
The Kid must have picked up this latest trick from the dogs, because this was something he definitely did not learn from me. I didn’t spend hours on the floor rolling and rolling in order to show him how—he just did it. I honestly thought I was safe for at least another month. Not that I don’t want my child to advance at his own pace; I was just hoping his own pace was a little slower, thus allowing me a little extra sleep.
You see, The Kid has been swaddled at night which he and I both love–Him, because he feels cozy and doesn’t wake himself up flailing like a Bugs Bunny cartoon orchestra conductor, and me, because he feels cozy and doesn’t wake himself up flailing like a Bugs Bunny cartoon orchestra conductor. Now that the rolling has commenced, we must commence the disuse of the swaddle (Blog to follow) in favor of E’s new, core which is more developed than mine.
I had no idea how toned his midsection was until the day I laid him down on the floor and within three seconds he rolled to the side, stretched out his legs, and promptly landed on his belly. I was stunned. He had been rolling back and forth, but nothing indicated to me that he understood the complicated principals of rolling onto his stomach.
It was sudden.
It was shocking.
It was amazing.
There he was lying on his tummy his head bobbing around trying to figure out if he was pleased of freaked out. (He started out pleased and then quickly realized he was freaked out.) I picked him up, called my husband in, and wondered if I reset him would he do it again for his dad. He did. It’s official. We have a rolling baby.
Lately, E has become quite the professional roller-overer. Rarely do I put him down on his back that he doesn’t then decide to work his core. (Show off.) The de-swaddling has proven…well…sleep depriving (blog to follow later), but we are working on it. So, for now, I will sit back and enjoy sitting because his next major milestone might be figuring out his back legs work to push himself forward.
It might be time to find my scrapbook to document this whole thing before I…
This is Tonilyn’s husband. I found this blog unfinished under her drooling face.
She’s asleep…