Road test: Parent approved double electric breast pumps

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Total package Evenflo Deluxe Advanced, $140 Don’t let its price […]

Total package
Evenflo Deluxe Advanced, $140
Don’t let its price tag fool you! This wallet-friendly choice comes fully loaded with everything milk-making mamas might need, from a convenient carryall and cooler, to three flange sizes, to access to lactation expert resources.

Super powered
Spectra S1 Plus, $299

Get a hospital-strength workhorse in a petite package (it weighs under 4 pounds!) that you can use just about anywhere—thanks to a rechargeable battery. There’s a night-light and timer to boot.

Custom fit
Ameda Purely Yours Ultra, $200

As its name suggests, this prime pick is made to suit the mama because all breasts aren’t created equal. Use it for single or double pumping, and choose from 32 different setting options.

Wear it out
Freemie Freedom, $200
Breastfeed undercover—literally!—by sliding the collection cups right into your sports bra. This small powerhouse quickly and efficiently empties your breasts without letting everyone in on what you’re doing, so you can get the job done and get back to your day.

Tech support
Medela Sonata, $400
Clinically tested pumping rhythms optimize comfort and output, while two-phase expression technology means more milk in less time. Plus, a hushed motor equals less disruption, whether you’re pumping in the office or in the middle of the night. (Bonus: Medela recently added 24/7  LC to the MyMedela app’s offerings. It’s a subscription-based service that allows users to connect with a lactation consultant via a FaceTime-like system at any time of day or night. Three cheers for assistance that’s available when you actually need it (like at 3 a.m. when you and baby are both crying because she won’t latch).

Keep it simple
Lansinoh Smartpump, $199
Streamline your operation with a smart selection that not only mimics baby’s natural feeding patterns but also seamlessly tracks pumping, breastfeeding, bottle-feeding and more with the Lansinoh Baby app.