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By Published On: September 9th, 2010

Written by: Meredith September 08 2010 Having just moved into […]

Written by: Meredith

Having just moved into a new house, I was in desperate need of quite a few baby-proofing products.

But I hated the idea of junking up such a nice new place with the typical eyesores found on the child safety aisle. That’s where Rhoost came in.

Rhoost is known for making stylish yet functional child safety products that are designed to blend in with your existing decor while creating a safe space for baby. As soon as I took the products out of their cute, recycled boxes, I could see that these weren’t the typical plastic safety items, but since I wasn’t willing to trade safety for style, I was eager to see if these beauties actually worked.

Rhoost currently offers three safety devices with chic names fitting of their appearance: the “Decoy” outlet cover, the “Edge” table corner protector and the “Sling” cabinet closure. Each product is BPA-free, PVC-free, lead-free and phthalate-free, which is a great bonus since almost everything finds its way into baby’s mouth at some point. I decided to test each of the products one at a time:


The Decoy appears to be your standard outlet cover upon first glance, but upon closer inspection, I noticed one essential difference: its patented groove-key removal system. In layman’s terms, the Decoy features two little notches on either side of the cover to make it easier for mom to remove the outlet cover, but still impossible for baby to pull out. This means no more messing up mama’s manicure while keeping baby safe.


The Edge was probably the trickiest of the three to install, but since it’s a table corner protector, I only plan on installing it once so I didn’t view this as a big drawback. Made from a soft, rubber-like material, I felt confident that the Edge wouldn’t scratch my wooden table (and I was right!). Instead of using screws or adhesive, the Edge uses a hook system that can be adjusted to fit on any size table. Once I had the Edge in place, it stayed secured to the table corner even when grasped by tiny hands. Since many table corner protectors are prone to slipping off, I was relieved to see that the Edge stayed put.


The Sling is also made from a soft, rubber-like material, which made me feel confident that I would not scratch up my cabinet knobs when installing these cabinet closures. The chic design and color also blended in with my kitchen much better than some of the startling white plastic cabinet closures I’ve seen. The Sling also uses a hook system, and was admittedly a little difficult to secure in place and then remove. However, once in place it worked very well and looked great. I would recommend using the Sling on cabinets you don’t have to access quite as often, such as the one for cleaning supplies instead of the one containing your daily glasses and dishes.

Once I had the Rhoost products installed in my new house, I barely even noticed they were there! Having a more stylish baby-proofing option was a nice way to get settled without compromising on the safety factor.

Price: Decoy, $7.99 for 12; Edge, $14.99 for 4; Sling, $9.99 for 4
To buy: http://www.rhoost.com/where-to-buy/