Registering for gear when you don't know the gender

By Published On: February 22nd, 2011

For some people, the point of staying in the dark […]

For some people, the point of staying in the dark about baby’s sex is deliberately to avoid gender specific stuff. But for others, that’s one drawback to waiting for a big reveal.
If you’re one of the ones who just wants to have a nice surprise on delivery day, but wishes you could pick out tiny boy togs or dresses for a daughter, NotFindingOut might be just for you.
NotFindingOut is a baby registry site with boutique gifts created especially for those moms who don’t know what they’ll be getting, but who still want to choose their boy or girl gear. NotFindingOut provides a small card for you to take to your ultrasound appointment. The doctor writes the gender of the baby on the card and seals it in an envelope for mom to send back to NotFindingOut after which she selects her favorite gear for a boy or a girl both and adds it to a registry. Gift buyers can choose a boy, girl or gender neutral gift and purchase it, and then after the gender is revealed on the birth day, the correct gifts are sent straight to the mom’s residence.
What do you think about NotFindingOut? If you weren’t going to learn what flavor baby you were getting, would you use it?