Red, gold and blue

By Published On: December 23rd, 2011

Red isn’t a color too often seen in nurseries—it’s a […]

Red isn’t a color too often seen in nurseries—it’s a bit stimulating for the place in which baby is supposed to slumber—but, when paired with the right hues and doled out in humble doses, I think it can be just right.
This young lady’s lair calls on rustic woods, rich golds (that mirror!), and deep navys to keep it grounded yet sophisticated. A big, boldly printed chair ties together the otherwise not-too-matchy elements of the room, and the felted bird mobile adds a touch of whimsy. (I like how a toss pillow in the shape of our feathered friend gently echoes the over-crib fixture without committing to an out-an-out theme.) To top things off: high-quality, non-fussy textiles make for a certain sense of warm and cozy.
Red, gold and blue
Red, gold and blue by pnmag on
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What colors do you like to see in a little girls nursery? Would you be gutsy enough to hang a sunburst mirror? Or are you more prone to stick with made-specifically-for-baby goods?