RECARO Performance Coupe infant car seat

By Published On: October 6th, 2014

Once I had the RECARO Performance Denali stroller ready to hit the […]

Once I had the RECARO Performance Denali stroller ready to hit the road, I opened the box with the RECARO Performance Coupe Infant Car Seat. (The Performance Coupe is the only seat compatible with the Performance Denali stroller). The car seat came in one piece attached to the base, so the only assembly needed was to install the base in my car. The manual for the car seat was easy to locate as the word “Manual” is stitched on the front left side of the car seat. I pulled it out and flipped through. It was much longer than the stroller manual because of the safety warnings and many ways to install it in various vehicles, but the explanations and illustrations were very clear.
Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.33.51 AMThe first step of detaching the car seat from the base was simple; I only had to lift the release on the back of the car seat.
Installation of the car seat base into the car took about 15 minutes and was no problem using the LATCH system. A bubble indicator acts as a level to ensure the base is properly positioned, and a micro adjuster dial allows for minor adjustments to get the bubble just right. A very strong tug is needed to secure the LATCH strap and tighten the base to the seat of the car, so it cannot move more than one inch in any direction. The instruction manual sets this guideline for proper installation.
The base can also be installed using a locking lap shoulder belt or a regular lap belt. I was able to find additional bases for sale and will be purchasing a second one for my husband’s car. If desired, the car seat can also be used without the base with a locking or non-locking lap shoulder belt.
Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.35.08 AMBecause the backseat of my car is a bit small, the base and car seat are tight but can be used. In a larger car or SUV, the system would fit better.
The infant seat itself is very well designed and contains excellent features including a removable infant insert for babies up to 11 pounds, an easily adjustable harness with five height positions and a good-sized canopy. I learned from researching that RECARO has been designing seats for race cars, airplanes and toddler car seats for some time, and looking at the infant seat, you get the feeling this company knows what they are doing in terms of safety.
Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.40.43 AMThe seat is aesthetically appealing in the granite color and is available in three other colors as well. Our baby seems very comfortable in this seat, no doubt in part to the memory foam padding, which is every bit as plush and cozy as it sounds. It’s also quite easy to get her in and out of the seat with the adjustable harness design.
Clicking the rear-facing seat into the base is very straightforward, and simply involves aligning the seat with the receivers, setting it down on the base and listening for the clicks to ensure it is positioned correctly. This seat cannot be used in a forward-facing position. It can be used for children up to 35 pounds.
When lifting and carrying the car seat around, it seems an average weight as compared to other seats I’ve tested. The handle is easily adjusted into several positions and is comfortable to carry.
Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.34.29 AMOther nice features I noted for the Performance Coupe infant seat includes full-body side-impact protection, certification for use in an aircraft (rear-facing), and the ability to remove the trim cover for hand washing.
In summary, I would recommend this infant seat to anyone looking for a safe, sturdy, functional and visually appealing infant car seat. It provides great safety features for a reasonable price.
Price: $270
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