RECARO Performance Denali

By Published On: September 12th, 2014

After researching the Performance Denali online, I learned that it is the […]

After researching the Performance Denali online, I learned that it is the first stroller RECARO has developed, and I believe the company has done an excellent job.
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As a first-time mom, I’d never assembled a stroller until I tackled the RECARO Performance Denali. As I took it out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised to see just how few parts needed assembly and how lightweight it felt. I unfolded the stroller and immediately took a liking to its sleek lines, stylish chrome frame and granite color (one of four colors available).
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My intention was to read the manual first and then dive into assembling the few unattached parts, which included only the back wheels, the snack tray for baby and the nice-sized cup holder for mom. I found it odd when I couldn’t locate a manual in the box, but a quick internet search led me to a comment from another consumer indicating the manual could be found in the seat back pocket of the stroller. Indeed, I located mine there and began reading through the manual, which straightforwardly explained the steps for assembly, use and cleaning in a concise eight pages with helpful illustrations.
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I first attached the back wheels, which, after removing the black foam shipping protectors, snapped in easily. Next, the metal bar of the cup holder simply slid onto the pocket of the stroller push handle. Finally, the snack tray aligned with the frame of the stroller and clicked into place. All told, the process was less than 10 minutes, required no tools or special equipment (other than a strong tug from my husband to remove those shipping protectors from the back wheels), and I was impressed with how little it took to make this attractive stroller road-ready.
After assembling, I practiced folding the Performance Denali and was again pleased with how easy it was to operate and how compactly it folded. With a single hand, and without removing any parts, the stroller can be folded into one small piece. It ultimately takes two hands though to lift it by the convenient carry handle in the center of the seat and latch it closed on the side of the frame. The folded stroller fits easily standing in a small closet or lying in the trunk of my Mazda 3, leaving room to spare.
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Clicking the RECARO Performance Coupe Infant Seat into the stroller was no problem—the snack tray contains the receivers to hold the infant seat. The infant seat cannot be attached to the stroller without the snack tray and the stroller is only compatible with this infant seat.
Using the stroller with toddlers and older children (up to 50 pounds and 44 inches tall) proved to be a success, with the seat being amply padded and comfortable, the ability to recline to a near flat position, easy to wipe clean surfaces and an easily adjustable harness. The removable snack tray includes a drink holder for the child as well.
Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.38.20 PMWalking with the stroller is very comfortable. The solid rubber wheels are nicely maneuverable, allowing the stroller to turn on a dime, and large enough to handle a variety of surfaces from sidewalks to gravel to grass. The four-wheel suspension is apparent when pushing the stroller and results in a very smooth ride. The stroller is not recommended for jogging, but performs very well at a quick walking pace. The back foot-brake operates straightforwardly with a single foot: flipped forward the back wheels are locked and flipped backward the wheels are unlocked. Definitely pedicure-friendly! The front wheels can also be locked from swiveling if needed. The locks are easy to operate by hand.
Other very useful features of the stroller are the large canopy with the peek-a-boo window, which can also provide ventilation into the seat when open, as well as the extra-large basket below the seat, which can accommodate up to 25 pounds of bags, extra clothing and any other items needed for your journey. Additionally, the mom’s cup holder has a mesh pocket to hold small items while you’re out and about.
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Overall, the RECARO Performance Denali is sleek, lightweight, well designed and durable. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a very maneuverable, easy-to-use, and fashionable single stroller for their child.
Price: $280
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