Ready, set, organize!

By Published On: October 13th, 2010

Written by: Sheri October 12 2010 I’m getting some energy […]

Written by: Sheri

I’m getting some energy back – hooray! Not all of it, but enough to get back to a few of my non-survival mode pastimes. As soon as I start feeling a smidge better, have a guess what kicks in: that pesky nesting instinct.

I’m realizing – suddenly, it feels like – our house is really disorganized. I suppose it’s a function of spending the last few months down and out. (My husband has done a fantastic job of pitching in, but organization is not one of his strong points.) Nevertheless, it does not feel like a good space for bringing a new person into the world. However challenging this pregnancy is, I’m pretty sure it will be more of a challenge to have two little ones to look after. And I want to be ready.

There’s a whole list of little projects we’d like to complete before this little one is born.We live in a three-bedroom ranch, and currently one of the bedrooms is my home office. After much debate about having the new little one share a room with our toddler, we’ve decided that’s better left for later in life, when everyone is sleeping through the night. That means finding a new place for my office, and turning the third bedroom into a nursery.

We’re hoping that our 2-year-old will transition to a big boy bed before the new baby arrives, so he can pass the crib down to his little brother or sister. We also need some toy organization, a dedicated spot to store and work on craft projects, and possibly a new entertainment center with more storage. I could go on and on.

So far I’ve made a list, and started doing some research on a few pieces of furniture we’d like to buy – namely a small desk that will look nice in our living-and-dining room combo, and another bookshelf to store some of those craft supplies I’ve mentioned above.

This stage of the pregnancy feels exciting! It’s a chance to start getting ready for what will be our new reality come March. I’m eager to see how it all turns out!