Ready for baby

By Published On: April 17th, 2013

We are at that stage. I just tied my wife’s […]

preg3We are at that stage. I just tied my wife’s shoes. She cannot wait to stop working. We are less than two weeks from the due date, and we are ready for this baby to be here. My wife is ready for pregnancy to be over.
Last night, I realized just how much we want this baby to get here. We were at a wedding reception for our really close friends. My wife was initially concerned that she would be a stick in the mud, since she wouldn’t be able to dance, move around, or do anything with her legs for longer than thirty seconds. She can rub her belly, and talk, but that seems to be the extent of her exercise capabilities. Luckily for us, we were spending all our time with another couple that also happens to be expecting, so she never felt any pressure to perform beyond her abilities. Pregnancy was normal for the four of us, which seemed to make my wife much more comfortable.
Knowing that my wife wants this baby to arrive already, my buddy joked that she should just “dance that baby out of her.”  This makes sense. The baby probably wants to join the party. Who wouldn’t? It actually became a running joke, and we kept talking about dancing this baby into the world. Surprisingly, my wife decided to dance a tiny bit last night. It was not much, but she moved a little to the music. She knows that all the popular methods of inducing birth are mostly just myths, so she wasn’t expecting to induce pregnancy by moving around. Still, she danced a little and enjoyed the party. As we were all moving around her, she paused and doubled over a little, as though having a contraction. We thought we had done it. We felt like people doing a rain dance just as it started to drizzle. Unfortunately, my wife did not go into labor last night. She probably still has a couple weeks of pregnancy, according to the doctor. Oh well.
That moment made me realize just how excited I am about this coming life-change. We are both ready for it. I don’t know what that birth day will look like, but I’m guessing that there might be some dancing upon his arrival.