Questions to ask potential daycare centers

By Published On: February 1st, 2010

When interviewing nannies and daycare centers, bring along a list […]

When interviewing nannies and daycare centers, bring along a list of questions that are relevant to you and your partner concerning the care of your child. Don’t forget to add these important topics to your list.
Sick days. At a center, what is the policy for kids with colds? You need to know when to keep your own child home, but you also need to be sure they’re not letting sick children attend. A nanny will usually keep your child if he isn’t feeling well, but what about when she’s sick? You’ll need a backup plan in place.
Hours. Many daycares have a charge for late pickup that can really add up, so be aware of their hours and policy to avoid extra cost. If you’re considering a nanny, find out what hours she is able—and willing—to work each day, particularly if your job often requires long hours.
Fees. Are fees subject to change? What occurrences might incur an additional charge? All money-related matters should be covered in depth before you make any decisions.
Discipline. It isn’t an immediate concern, but it will be before long. Find out the discipline policy for daycare centers you’re considering, and when interviewing nannies, ask how she feels discipline should be handled before giving your own opinion—it will give you a chance to see if she’s a good fit for your family.