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By Published On: May 19th, 2011

Written by: Josh May 18 2011 While out for a […]

Written by: Josh

While out for a walk a couple weeks ago, a middle-aged woman approached the stroller with a smile. “Is there a baby in there?” she asked. Three responses came to mind, in this order:

1. No, and frankly, I don’t appreciate the insinuation, Missy.
2. Yes, but he’s allergic to annoying strangers.
3. It’s either that, or a really ugly Chihuahua. In a onesie.

But I didn’t know her. She could have been crazy (she was off to a pretty good start), and you never upset Crazy. So I politely said yes, it was. Baby had a blanket over him to keep the wind out, but she helped herself to pulling it back to sneak a peek before I could intervene. So I roundhouse-kicked her in the solar plexus.

Ok, not really. But this whole ugly incident could have been avoided had I chosen the Baby Bjorn that fateful day. Both have their merits, but this was a stark reminder to always assess your purpose, your destination, and sometimes your general demeanor when selecting your medium of baby transit. Let’s analyze some typical scenarios:

Grocery shopping: This is an easy one. Part of the advantage of the stroller is its built-in storage capacity. You might be surprised how much you can fit in those nooks and crannies. So many in fact that last week I forgot about a bunch of bananas in the bottom compartment (not that I condone shoplifting or anything). You won’t likely be surprised by how little you can squeeze into a carrier, though. I mean, even if Baby holds a kumquat or two, it’s meager at best. Plus, the stroller blends with the bevy of shopping carts. Edge: Stroller

Going for a latte: The stroller can really showcase its lacking mobility in these situations. There’s not always wide walkways inside, and then there’s the ‘What is he doing?’ looks from unsympathetic gawkers as you try to manipulate the stroller through the doors. Not worth it. And while with the carrier, you run the minor risk of spilling some molten-hot beverage on Baby’s head, at least you’ll look cool doing it. Edge: Carrier

Going for an evening stroll: As evidenced in the above anecdote, the stroller provides a certain amount of access to undesirables. If she had tried the same maneuver against the carrier, I would have bitten her hand like a feral dingo. But I don’t think anyone would try as in the carrier, he’s practically appended. However, you’re not going to make any baby-loving friends this way; people strictly avoid eye contact with carrier-wearers. And men generally prefer vehicles to accessories. Edge: Stroller