Pretty in pink

By Published On: March 23rd, 2012

I like pink. A lot. I wear pink shoes, I […]

I like pink. A lot. I wear pink shoes, I own a pink chair, and I think pink blush is where it’s at.
However, I often feel compelled to stray from pink when it comes to little girls’ rooms. Maybe because it’s so expected and accepted? But little ladies aren’t obligated to love pink, people! They look just as cute rocking blue and green and orange. I promise.
Today though, I’m putting aside my pink-protesting ways and giving into the rosey tradition. (I do really like the color after all!) By incorporating a little retro inspiration and adding in a few bold hues—like apple green and orange-y red—the nursery seems girly but not too precious. Just the way I like it.
Pretty in pink
Pretty in pink by pnmag on
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What do you think? Are you all for pink or do you opt for alternate colors when you can? I’d love to hear.