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I’ve always been quite fond of my legs. Of all […]

I’ve always been quite fond of my legs. Of all the body parts that I treasure, my stems have to be my most favorite feature. When I found out I was pregnant, I was well aware of the impact that carrying a baby would have on my beloved set. I could already envision the varicose veins amid all the swelling and achy pains. Luckily, I learned about Preggers by Therafirm maternity leggings and tights just in time to reap the benefits of support and compression.

What I like best about this line of legwear is the fact that it is designed “by future moms for future moms.” Compression hosiery is not a new idea, so it would be easy for a brand to sit back and let good enough continue. But Therafirm makes it a point to research what real expecting moms are saying and take those comments and apply them to its innovation. That means we are getting the best product possible.

Gone are the days of simple black tights! Preggers comes in a variety of fun hues including mulberry and navy blue in addition to closet staples like black, gray and sand. The colors give expecting mamas who are fashion conscious more options to choose from. You can opt for tights with feet or leggings without, and the tights can be opaque or sheer—to best suit your style or the seasons. There are also four levels of support that range from light (10-15mmHG) to firm (30-40mmHg). I am constantly wearing my tights with dresses and my leggings under longer tunics—because if anyone deserves to be able to wear leggings as pants and be comfortable, it’s a pregnant lady.

Not only does Preggers legwear look and feel great, but they also come packed full of benefits for your blossoming body. The key lies with the gradient compression. The hose are tighter at the ankle and then gradually decrease in tautness toward the top of the stocking. This promotes better blood flow, improves circulation and helps to prevent swelling. Everything feels tucked in and right where it should be.

The maternity waistband allows you to wear them rolled down at the waist or up over your belly, depending on your preference. I opt for light compression for everyday wear because I sit for long periods of time at work, so these tights are ideal for boosting my circulation. They are also a must-have if you stand up at work all day. I have a friend who swears by them to avoid varicose veins. (She got horrible varicose veins with her first baby and tried these with her second. She is sure they are what kept her varicose veins at bay the second time around.) I am sure they have also helped my own pregnant legs to remain less swollen and achy, and—thus far, free of varicose veins. Fingers crossed!

If you’re expecting, I would definitely suggest trying out a pair of these compression tights or leggings. They look and feel great and have so many benefits that keep your legs in tip-top condition. Visit the Therafirm website for sizing information and helpful tips.

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