Pre-heated Milk: More to it than you’d think

By Published On: August 31st, 2011

Written by: Mindy August 30 2011 Here’s something they never […]

Written by: Mindy

Here’s something they never tell you before you have a baby: Your nipples will be several degrees warmer than the rest of your body (if you’re breastfeeding, that is).

It’s one of the strangest, coolest physical changes I’ve noticed in this postpartum state.

We all know that breast milk is pre-heated for baby’s delight. Makes sense that it’d be the perfect temperature, since it comes from inside the body.

But how many women know their nipples also heat up?

I wasn’t aware of this peculiar physiological change until I was getting dressed one morning. Before putting my shirt on, I reached my arm across my chest to scratch the back of my shoulder. I noticed an intensely warm spot right up against my arm.

Closer inspection revealed it was my nipple. Weird.

Some women report their entire breasts get warmer than the rest of their bodies during the breastfeeding stage. In some cases this is normal. Other times it’s a sign of plugged ducts or other breastfeeding complications.

If you feel achy or your breast is red, swollen, or hard, then your elevated temperature might be the sign of a problem.

But, if you feel fine, your breasts feel fine, and your baby nurses without a problem, you might just be carrying around your baby’s own personal lip-warmer.

This is the kind of thing most new moms don’t talk about, because … well, I guess it’s a little strange to tell people you have ultra-warm nipples. Then again, it’s not a bad thing. It’s actually very cool that your body makes nursing so convenient and pleasant for your baby that every detail is taken care of, right down to ultra latch-on comfort. Neat stuff.