Pre- and postpartum belly wrapping

By Published On: May 8th, 2012

Charlene Williams, the band specialist, is a mother of three […]

cinchCharlene Williams, the band specialist, is a mother of three and the creator of the Cinch and Atlas tummy bands. This is her story and what led her to create products that would help women regain their spark and confidence after giving birth. She also shares a few benefits and wrap-wearing tips:
The recovery from my pregnancy took me by surprise. I didn’t realize I would still look six months pregnant after my baby was out. I felt bloated and tired. As I focused on my new baby, trying to learn how to breastfeed, change diapers, trim tiny nails, and all the other new things that come with motherhood, my own needs became secondary.
I followed my doctor’s advice to eat more and rest well. I gained forty-seven pounds during pregnancy, and one month after my son’s birth, had gained another ten. It was discouraging to gain more weight after the delivery. I thought I would be back to my pre-pregnancy self after giving birth. My mother, an ob-gyn, warned me this wouldn’t be the case.
When I realized my mother was right, I looked to her for help. She had a method handed down through many generations that would greatly affect my condition. She wrapped my stomach after delivery to help shrink the uterus, retract the muscles and reduce the space for fat deposits. I did this traditional wrap every day for the next few months.
To my amazement, not only did I lose most of my weight but my stomach shrank down and firmed up without even exercising. This motivated me to get into an exercise routine after six weeks when my doctor gave me clearance. I began walking and doing light cardio. After three months, I went back to work looking and feeling much different than right after my son was born.
My positive experience with wrapping led me to create a modern wrap that today’s woman can use not only after pregnancy, but for other applications as well. I created Cinch to help women re-contour their new bodies so they can tone and sculpt it with ease. Cinch is more than a pregnancy band; it’s a method for recovery and ongoing maintenance for a healthy figure. Using it along with exercise maximizes the long-term effects.
The Signature Cinch band is for moms with newborns. Atlas is a pregnancy to postpartum, dual-functioning 2-IN-1 transitional band. You can use it three to six months postpartum. After six months, for a sheer, low profile band, the Cinch Couture Wrap to further tone and help with body sculpting.

  1. Compression is delivered evenly—360 degrees. If you apply even compression, it will help retract and tighten your muscles and skin.
  2. Easy to put on yourself and has complete adjustability with dual ended opening. It shrinks with you so you don’t have to buy another wrap as you lose inches.
  3. It is multifunctional and multi-tasking like you. You can adjust it to where you want the focus.
  4. It feels luxurious and comfortable so you don’t feel like you’re bound up with a bandage. Cinch is designed with a motivational guide to let you see results. It zips up like a garment so you can easily put it on yourself.
  5. It allows you to wear it for a longer period without the elastic stretching out of shape after just a few weeks. Cinch is made out of the finest elastic material with breathable fabric allowing you to move freely and provide constant and active compression.

When to use it and how long to use The Cinch/Atlas:
Use it immediately after your doctor approves.
Weeks 1-4: Apply gentle compression.
Weeks 4-8: Apply moderate compression to enhance your mid-section and as an adjunct to a healthy diet and exercise routine.
Weeks 8 and beyond: Use it to enhance and tone your midsection and strengthen your core.
Being a mother is the best gift I’ve ever had. My three children are my best creation. Each time was a miracle and a life changing experience. I want to be a great mom, a great spouse and the best person I can be. My happiness and confidence means a lot to my family. I am their role model. If I choose a healthy lifestyle, so will my family.
I created the Cinch out of my passion to help women like me who don’t want to choose between their own health and being a good mother. I want to have it all and eat the cake too! In this life I want to contribute something to all the mothers out there during the most precious time of their lives in that first day, that first moment when they are called a mommy. Not when the kids are grown and moms are older and it’s too late to start looking out for their health. I want to let all moms know that once you have your baby, your new life can be even more beautiful.