Playtex Petite Double Electric Breast Pump

By Published On: July 31st, 2011

Written by: Amy July 31 2011 I have tried many […]

Written by: Amy

I have tried many breast pumps in the last 14 years of having children, renting and using the $300 to $400 pumps, and even trying the $25 manual pumps.

Needless to say, I was excited to try the Playtex Double Electric Breast Pump. Let me break down my experience for you in simple terms, as I know how the idea of using a breast pump can be intimidating, especially for new moms.

At $70, the Playtex Petite is very reasonable for a dual electric pump—a steal, really! I can’t imagine that most people couldn’t buy it or ask for it for a shower gift. It’s easy to assemble and clean and is designed with a “closed system” to protect against contamination and bacteria. The pump also comes with an informative instruction book that includes useful information on storage of breast milk. Another convenient inclusion of the package: two Drop-Ins bottles and 10 liners. The Drop-Ins bottle and liner system provides a feeding experience that mimics feeding at the breast, so it’s perfect for moms who switch between nursing and bottle-feeding breast milk. The bottles clean easily in the top rack of the dishwasher.

Most notably, the pump is lightweight and easy to take with me on the go (an AC/DC adapter is included!). It’s a good pump to travel with or take on vacation. (Although, if you’ll be sharing a hotel room with little ones and are planning to pump during naptime, be warned that the machine is rather noisy.)

I have been using the Petite several weeks now for 30 minutes at a time and I’m get one to two ounces of milk with each session. The pump is not particularly fast and although there are three levels of suction choices on the pump, the first two are too weak for me personally. The highest level does work, but can be somewhat uncomfortable when attached to my breasts. For occasional use, the pump is A-OK, but if you’re full-time pumper, you may want to consider a stronger machine.

I love the convenience of the pump itself and plan to continue to use the pump with the hope that my body will cooperate and respond better to the suction with additional time. As of yet, this pump seems best suited for budget-conscious moms who need to pump only every once in a while.

Price: $70
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