Play time!

By Published On: January 16th, 2013

Written by: Christopher Spicer January 15 2013 Everett loves to […]

Written by: Christopher Spicer

Everett loves to play. It is still a distant second to eating, but he loves it enough that it helps work up his enormous appetite. He absolutely loves his toys, but the day is long, one needs to vary playtime to keep things interesting. Here are a few games that Everett loves to play on a regular basis.

“Uh oh, I dropped it”: This fairly new game is one of the most exciting, according to Everett. Almost every parent has likely played this game at least once. It consists of Everett grabbing a toy or spoon or cloth or jar of pickles, and then “accidentally” dropping the object while also declaring “uh oh.” The other day, I had Everett up on the change table and it was imperative that he grabbed everything on it and throw it to the floor while blurting out several “uh ohs”. It is at least a great work out for a parent’s knees.

“Do you want it? Can’t have it”: What is better than constantly dropping things on the floor? Picking up a toy or cracker, so you can offer it to someone, and then, you naturally pull it away and laugh when they come to get it. This falls under, “things one gets away with when they’re young and ridiculously cute.” In this game, the “recipient” loses when they aren’t fast enough when trying to get the object, but based on Everett’s response after I ate the cracker he “offered” me, one isn’t much of a winner when faster than Everett either.

“Chase the rolling ball”: This is the perfect “daddy has a deadline he needs to meet” game. Everett chases after a ball that he constantly knocks with his hand. Everett believes this is the funniest thing in the world and even funnier when Summit tries to go after the ball he is knocking all around the living room and kitchen. The game is lot less fun when the ball disappears under the couch, though.

“Shake around the wrapping paper instead of paying attention to the new present”: It is also known as “bang on the cardboard box rather than notice the toy drum” or “try to climb into the gift bag after pushing away the stuffed toy.” These games aren’t as fun for the parent that just dropped a hefty sum on gifts.

“Hit daddy, so he does exaggerated head shaking and silly noises”: This is a great way for me to work on my slapstick routine, because you’re not truly a success until you resemble the Three Stooges. It is also fantastic for eliciting Everett’s heartwarming laughter and making me feel like the funniest man in history. It also will likely be the cause of Everett being sent home from kindergarten after popping a kid in the nose.

“Walk like Frankenstein’s monster”: Except the monster never needed Frankenstein to hold his hand when walking. At this point, walking while mommy or daddy holds his hands is a magnificent game for Everett. If everyone had as much fun as he did, cars would likely be extinct.

“Pretend Summit is a mountain”: This game is funny and spectacular. . . until Summit, the family dog, decides to be a mountain in another room while Everett is still on him.

“Peekaboo”: The classic game that has remained a hit since Everett was 4 months old. Though I have a feeling it won’t be an effective form of entertainment when he turns 14 years old.