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By Published On: March 22nd, 2010

Written by: Candace March 21 2010 One thing that I’ve […]

Written by: Candace

One thing that I’ve learned since I had my son is that life is messy. Not just theoretically, but also practically. It is not uncommon for me to get spit up on right as I’m walking out the door for work, or for Charlie to decide that he wants to practice talking after I put a big spoonful of strained peas in his tiny little mouth. I will never forget the time that I was changing his diaper at church and he peed all over me and himself, which in and of itself is not all that uncommon—what really threw me was that I realized he didn’t have a dry change of clothes in his bag! We did both survive, though, even if we were a little less dry and clean than I would’ve preferred us to be.

After seven months of living and learning, I’ve realized that if I can’t prevent the mess, then maybe I can at least contain it. One of my favorite new mess containers is my super cute wet bagby Planet Wise. They are perfect to hold cloth diapers, which is what I use mine for most often, but they are also great for moms who don’t use cloth. Wet bags are awesome for holding wet or dirty clothes, swimsuits, potty training supplies, or toting toiletries to the gym or on a trip. They also come in tons of adorable prints and three different sizes. I got the small, which will hold one cloth diaper, but I’m planning on investing in another larger one for taking to and from the pool this summer.

My other cool new mess container is the Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner. A couple of months ago when I began experimenting with cloth diapers, one of my main goals was to cut down on the waste that was coming out of our home. After only a couple of weeks of use I was sold on cloth diapering, but not so excited about my storage method. I was using my traditional diaper pail, which was made to hold a standard trash bag, but since I was no longer using a trash bag in it I was stuck cleaning it every time I washed diapers. The Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner makes life so much easier! I put it in my diaper pail and when I’m ready to wash diapers, I wash the pail liner right along with them. So much easier! It helps me reduce waste, doesn’t leak, comes in lots of cool colors, and makes my life easier! Love it!

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