P'kolino Kube

By Published On: January 29th, 2010

Written by: Lauren January 29 2010 I would like to […]

Written by: Lauren

I would like to kiss the person who invented cubic storage. (Or at least shake his hand.)

And if I can’t meet the mastermind behind the ingenious system, well then the smarties at P’kolino (who implement the system so well) best be puckering up … er, offering a firm hand. The Kubes are great. We’re talking Tony the Tiger g-r-r-reat. Let me tell you why.

Numero uno: They’re easy to assemble. As in, I put them together without the help of a single handy male. Yep, just me and my screwdriver had the storage unit ready to use in a jiffy.

Numero dos: They’re of good quality. They’re fashioned out of Baltic Birch and impressively sturdy—so you know they’ll be able to manage lots and lots of books and handle the playtime chaos that’s sure to ensue once baby becomes mobile.

Numero tres: They’re versatile. My absolute favorite thing about these guys is that they offer endless organizational opportunity. Stack a bunch together to create a serious storage unit. Or turn a single Kube on its side to function as a toy bin. I’m thinking a couple attached side-by-side would make a great bench. And here’s the best part: You don’t have to stick to just one construction. Nope, you can have shelves one week and bins the next—rearrange to your heart’s content!

These little Kubes are pretty stinkin’ awesome, look good holding just about anything, and don’t exude “baby,” so they can stick around for a good long while. Shoot, they’ll be housing up your babe’s Bio 101 text books before you know it.

Price: $89 each
Buy it: modernnursery.com