Pinspiration: Springing for color

By Published On: March 1st, 2013

Color is something I crave. (At least it’s better for […]

Color is something I crave. (At least it’s better for you than a brownie sundae, right?) I’ve been known to sport a half dozen different hues at a time and have been informed the color scheme of my home is “rainbow” (a compliment, I’m sure). So, as you might imagine, I’m delighted March has finally arrived. Spring is where the colors come out to play! Although we have a few weeks before we officially welcome the new season (March 20 is the day to celebrate), I’m ready to bid farewell to my winter wardrobe and say hello to a peppier palette.
Here’s a look at what I’ve been pinning and pining for recently. How about you? What’s on your board? (Share a link in the comments so I can see what inspires you!)
Pinspiration: Springing for color

Pinspiration: Springing for color by pnmag
tunic / tote / maternity dress / nursing top / Oxfords / watches / boots

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