Pinspiration: Baby photos

By Published On: May 8th, 2012

I could look at cute baby photos all day, couldn’t you? It’s the next best thing to looking at the real thing, isn’t it?
To start your day off with a smile and maybe even inspire the photographer in you, here are five sweet photos of some seriously adorable subjects we recently pinned on Pinterest.

Pinspiration: Baby photos by pnmag on
a. A monthly photo accompanied by brief words and phrases to jog mom’s memory down the road.
b. Babies’ feet are practically edible, and I love how teensy they look lined up next to the rest the family’s.
c. A photo series documenting baby in the same outfit over the course of the year—how quickly those little ones grow!
d. What a fun way to display a favorite snapshot! This art installation is sure to attract admiration and compliments.
e. Um, is this the hippest parent you’ve ever seen or what? And again, baby feet!
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