Pink Lining Queensdale Tote

By Published On: August 1st, 2012

I wouldn’t say I was one to travel light before […]

I wouldn’t say I was one to travel light before I had my daughter, so I can’t be surprised that our little lady carries so many things when she leaves the house. I guess it’s in her DNA. Plus, I can’t really blame her, can I? After all, I’m the one who packs the bag—the diaper bag. Notice I said bag. Singular. The Pink Lining Queensdale Tote is all you need whether you’re out and about or plan to stay away all day.
0801gr-mainhome_0Let’s talk looks. This is a pretty bag, girly even. What I liked immediately were the canvas, orange-striped straps and how they hook to the bag. They reminded me of a preppy belt and are a nice contrast to the bouquet print. The silver hardware and all of the accessories in the bag are also attractive. The clear wet bag has the same pretty pattern and the cushy, padded changing mat is printed on one side. I’ve received compliments on this tote several times, even at the pediatrician’s office, where the staff sees diaper bags all day. I consider that high praise.
Let’s get back to the size. This is such a roomy tote, but I never feel as if I’m hauling luggage. When we go out, I never have to carry a purse because anything I need fits in this bag. My wallet (the long checkbook kind), keys and lip gloss all fit with no problem. In fact, I should just consider this a “family” bag because my husband tries to sneak in things. He’s a photographer and I have found a camera in this bag more than once. What about the baby’s things, you ask? We cloth diaper and they are bulkier than disposables so I thought I might need to carry less. Nope. Never been an issue with this bag. I’ve packed toys, thick baby books, extra bottles and burp cloths—never had a problem. Extra blanket—no big deal. Mommy’s sunglasses—sure, throw ‘em in! I continue to be impressed by this camera-toting-extra-blanket-checkbook-wallet-third-bottle-toy-holding diaper bag!
And there’s a mirror, too! That’s not the only feature. Any mom could make good use of the two insulated bottle pockets, key fob (also holds a pacifier), two larger pockets that will fit disposable diapers quite well, a zippered pocket and a phone pocket. The large outside pockets come in handy when I need quick access to a bib or keys.
I was pleasantly surprised to find out the canvas bag was coated with an eco-friendly laminate which cleans really easily. All it needs is an occasional damp wipe down—unless, like me, your baby spits up from excitement periodically—then, you’ll need to clean more frequently and pack an extra shirt (there’s room!). There are feet to protect the bottom of the bag, too.
If you’re looking for a pretty diaper bag, that’s functional, well-made and fun to carry, I highly recommend the Queensdale Tote. I plan to carry this after she is out of diapers. It would be great for the gym, overnight and even shopping. Don’t let the flowers fool you; this ladylike bag is a workhorse!
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