Pile up

By Published On: November 1st, 2014

Corral dirty duds in a cleanly designed hamper. ferm LIVING […]


Corral dirty duds in a cleanly designed hamper.
ferm LIVING hamper, $115


Drape those impossibly tiny baby clothes over sweet and solid wood hangers.
The Container Store wooden hangers set, $8


Skip messy measuring, and drop a good-for-you, good-for- the-environment
laundry tablet into the washing machine instead.
Vaska laundry tablets, $10


Remove the stains of motherhood (spitup and pureed peas, we’re looking at you)
with a gentle yet effective formula.
Dreft stain remover, $2


Green up your act with a liquid detergent that requires eight times less
plastic for its packaging than a rigid bottle.
Puretergent laundry detergent, $13


Stock your diaper bag (… and car … and desk drawer) with a magical laundry pen that erases all evidence of baby-rearing—minus the under- eye circles, that is.
Tide laundry pen, $3


Divide and conquer organizational challenges by sorting
your growing little’s wardrobe by size.
Lucy Darling closet dividers, $25


Display relevant, relatable art to cheer yourself up during laundry chores.
Marvel Designs print, $24


Up your dryer’s efficiency with the help of this handy hedgehog friend, who excels at removing wrinkles, controlling static and minimizing drying time.
Kikkerland dryer buddy, $8 for 2


Hang delicates to dry on the clothesline.
IKEA clothespins set, $3