Picture perfect nursery

By Published On: February 1st, 2010

Feel like you and your partner could moonlight as paparazzi […]

Feel like you and your partner could moonlight as paparazzi ever since the baby arrived? It’s no wonder you can’t stop snapping pictures as your new addition grows bigger each day, but now you must face the dilemma of what to do with all of those precious photographs.
CameraCoffee table books
Bookstore-ready albums have been an emerging trend on the wedding front for a few years now, but why not expand this guest-friendly idea to your family pics too? The professional looking layout of these books will have your house guests begging to see pictures of the baby. Make your own coffee table book here.
Greeting cards
Back in the day, family photos were found stuffed inside store-bought cards. These days you can print those smiling faces directly on the front of the card—welcome to the future! Our favorite: Greeting cards from moo.com.
Canvas wall art
You already know that your baby is your greatest masterpiece, so why not turn her photo into a work of art, too? Luckily, these museum-worthy portraits are more affordable than they look. Try Canvas Press for a personalized piece of your own.
Here’s a fun idea—document your baby’s growth each month during his first year of life and then use the photos for each month of the next year’s calendar to look back at how he’s grown! myphotopipe.com calendars is one you won’t want to throw out at the end of the year.
Take the term “custom nursery” to a whole new level by putting your photos right on the wall with 4walls.com! Perhaps a mural of mama on the wall next to the crib will help lull your tiny angel to sleep.
Photo-sharing websites
Oh, how the times have changed since the days of storing your Polaroids in a shoebox! Almost everyone has made the switch to digital cameras and now you can share your photos digitally, too with sites like shutterfly.com.
Prenatal pix
Can’t wait until your due date to start the baby album? Thanks to cutting edge technology, you don’t have to! PhotOBaby offers expecting parents the option to personalize and share the images and videos taken during standard prenatal ultrasounds in your ob’s office. Check it out at myphotobaby.com.
Wall art 101
Don’t know what to do with that beautiful oversized portrait of your newly expanded family? Linnea Lenkus, owner of Linnea Lenkus fine art portrait studios in Los Angeles, simplifies the art of displaying portraits in your home.
“When determining where to display your pregnancy and newborn portraits as wall art, it’s important to think in terms of drawing in the viewer. I always ask people to take a look at their home and identify the wall that their eyes trail towards in a straight line from the entrance into the room.
That is the wall that will likely have the most impact and therefore, should display the largest portrait. The ‘tunnel’ or walkway to that wall should have slightly smaller portraits, depending on the viewer’s distance to the print, leading to the Mecca of portraits.”