Picture perfect

By Published On: December 28th, 2011

Written by: Suzanna December 28 2011 Ever since Jacob was […]

Written by: Suzanna

Ever since Jacob was born, I have become obsessed with photos.

I keep a camera hand for those rare moments when he breathes, sleeps, smiles, etc. Before his birth, I would go months in between taking pictures without thinking much about it. Now, if a day goes by without my capturing a photo of my little munchkin, I feel like something wonderful has been lost forever.

Tom, on the other hand, being slightly less melodramatic, wishes something wonderful would be lost forever—namely, my camera and every other camera in the Western Hemisphere that could possibly be used to photograph us.

He was a good sport for the first 3,560 photos we took post-birth, but his patience and fake-smile picture face (you know the one—it either looks like you’re gassy or just escaped from the county mental hospital) is wearing thin.
For the sake of his sanity and our marriage, I now limit my photo snapping to his working hours. Fortunately, for the sake of this blog post, I was able to squeeze in one professional photo shoot before it was too late. The photographer, Rebecca Stanley is a dear friend of ours (proof that it’s important to choose your friends wisely), who, in addition to being indirectly responsible for our marriage, also happens to be amazingly talented.

I picked out a few photos to share with you here, and for that, you should thank me. I would have preferred to share all 135, but I know that you have other things to do besides look at my child (notice I didn’t say “better”).

Selecting only a handful was like pulling teeth (from a fake smile), but I eventually managed and you’ll find the lucky winners below.

All photos by Rebecca Stanley (beccastanleyphotography.com)