Pick your pump

By Published On: October 1st, 2013

How often do you pump? Whether you need a double […]

pumpingHow often do you pump?
Whether you need a double electric, manual or single electric breast pump depends very much upon the number of times you will be pumping each month, week and day. For occasional pumpers, a hand pump may be just what she needs. But moms who pump every day will swear by the double electric breast pumps, which are known for speed and efficiency.
For what specific purpose are you nursing?
A mom who has given birth to twins may decide to rent a hospital-grade breast pump to kickstart her milk supply. A mom traveling for business may simply need the fastest pump on the market. Before you purchase your breast pump, think about exactly when and why you will be using it to help narrow your choices.
Did you use a specific pump in the hospital?
A mom who uses a breast pump in the hospital can become extremely loyal to the particular pump brand. It is what she knows (the sound, the dials, the fit of the breast shield) and is used to. If you use a pump during your hospital stay, you may want purchase the same brand of pump for use at home. You can even sterilize and reuse the free pump parts they distribute to you in the hospital on your new pump.
Will you commute with your pump?
The size and weight of breast pumps can vary significantly. If you know you will be traveling with your pump daily, it’s best to get one that is light and portable.
Have you done your research?
A breast pump is a big purchase. Do your homework. Believe it or not, your feelings about your pump can affect your mood and ability to relax and, in turn, your milk supply. You want to feel good about your decision.