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By Published On: July 31st, 2012
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Phone protection is a must, especially if your kiddos are […]

Phone protection is a must, especially if your kiddos are as interested in expensive electronics as every other child I’ve ever met is. (It’s a crazy phenomenon, isn’t it? At what point did the human species evolve to include the innate-understanding-of-how-technology-works gene? Sometime after I was born, apparently.) As sleek as an iPhone looks sans case, a naked phone probably isn’t the safest option when it comes to multitasking moms and tiny, sticky hands. So! Phone cover it is. Not to worry though, there are plenty—I repeat, plenty—of fashionable ways to dress your mobile device. For starters, see below.
Phone a friend
Phone a friend by pnmag featuring tech accessories
chartreuse chevron / navy and pink stripe / pink and red stripe / blue, pink and red stripe / cheetah  / buttons / basket / bear / photo and polkadots / built-in storage / wooden camera / not all who wonder are lost

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