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By Published On: June 9th, 2010

Could this stroller get any cooler?I think my husband was […]

Could this stroller get any cooler?I think my husband was just as excited to try out all of its features as he was when he first got his iPhone!
Our first impression of the smart stroller was, “Wow, this is luxury!” and we were right. The materials, design, ergonomics, and overall aesthetics are worth the price tag. Every thought has been put into this stroller. It is lightweight and compact, yet sturdy and proportional. It is sleek and understated at the same time, yet incredibly practical and usable.
SmartBundleI like having the option of using the toddler seat that comes with the stroller (which can recline), attaching a car seat to form a travel system, or using the peanut bassinet.The bassinet is great for infants and is wonderful for transferring our sleeping daughter to the stroller without having to wake her up and strap her in.
As funny as it sounds, I also really like the airless wheels on this stroller! I have no concern for popped tires anymore, and I feel like I can take this thing anywhere—on a walk on the trail behind our house, on a sidewalk or at a store, and it fits well in both of our cars. Our almost-3-year-old loves to sit in it for fun, and she seems more than safe in it with its five-point harness and adjustable straps. They’ve just thought of everything!
When the system first arrived, my older kids were playing around with it and accidentally broke the pieces of plastic holding the handle to the bassinet. I called customer service and explained the problem, and they told me they’d send a replacement for me right away.The guy I talked to was super nice and apologetic and accommodating.I think phil&teds is a company anyone can trust, and they’ve put out an amazing product with the smart bundle!
smart stroller price: $250
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smart bundle (stroller with seat + bassinet) price: $360
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