phil&teds metoo high chair

By Published On: September 6th, 2010

From the moment I laid eyes on the phil&teds metoo […]

From the moment I laid eyes on the phil&teds metoo high chair packaging, I knew this wasn’t your typical high chair.
metoo_left_25_10_09 019_0_0In fact, the box was so flat and compact that I started to wonder if it was missing some pieces! Alas, my eyes were not deceiving me and the postal service did not lose half of my delivery—once I opened the box I realized that the metoo high chair just really folds that flat.
To test out the metoo’s compact size, I did a quick fit test. Did it fit in the storage basket of my stroller? Yes. Did it fit in my carry-on luggage? Yes. Did it fit in my tote bag sized diaper bag? Yes! I was so impressed with the fit-anywhere size that I actually started to think of a situation in which I wouldn’t be able to take the metoo along. And without concocting some strange, far-out scenario, I was stumped. The metoo chair really was the ultimate on-the-go high chair.
Now that I felt confident that I could take the metoo high chair along on any occasion, it was time for the true test. Would it really hook onto any table, and more importantly, would it safely hold my baby? The metoo hooked onto my square kitchen table with no problem. After tightening the support screws securely, I pressed down on the chair with all my weight and then removed the chair to see if it left any damage. Not a single scratch! I even took the metoo over to my parents’ house and tried it out on their round table. It fit on the rounded table edge just as securely as it did on my square table.
As the final test, I was ready to put the metoo into action. Since it claims to hold children up to 40 pounds, I borrowed a toddler and gave it a go! I slid the unsuspecting little girl into the seat, adjusted the 4 point safety harness and held my breath. Thankfully, she sat as snug as a bug in the metoo and the table and the chair never so much as wobbled. Thoroughly impressed, I started mentally planning outings in which I could show off this little wonder in public!
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