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By Published On: March 4th, 2013

I’ve been a longtime fan of the phil&teds aesthetic so […]

I’ve been a longtime fan of the phil&teds aesthetic so I was excited to test out one of their newest strollers: dot, a compact, inline stroller. We tested the stroller while “out and about” as well as in our neighborhood. The stroller was tested with the dot double kit. We have a four year old (who weighs 30 lbs) and a newborn. The stroller works from newborn to age 5 (or 44 pounds in the front, 33 pounds in the rear with the double kit).
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Setting up the stroller took my husband about 30 minutes. Setup did not require additional tools. There were no written instructions (which he prefers) so we used the illustrated instructions along with this video that phils&teds provides on their website. We had a few pieces left over and the video helped us determine what those were for: a rain shield for when the seat is reclined as well as bars to attach the double kit to the front of the stroller. There were also two small black pieces which can be used in lieu of the front bar. The pieces go in the holes that the bar would go in to protect tiny hands.
Once assembled, the stroller felt really sturdy and we loved the bright green color. I also liked that there are sunshades on the stroller as well as the double kit. The sunshade on the double kit is not as structured as the main stroller, but it tucks easily inside the main shade when the double kit sits on front. Folded flat, the stroller fitsin our hall closet as well as the trunk of our SUV. The only downside to the double kit is that it does need to be removed in order to close the stroller. The stroller closes pretty easily, but like most strollers, it is a bit heavy (26 pounds) and cumbersome to open and close. I also found that it took two hands instead of one to open and collapse. The stroller does not stand when folded, but is locked closed. We also tested the foot pedal brake, which was a breeze, and the double kit truly does recline with just one hand. I also thought there was pretty ample storage.
We tried the stroller with the double kit on the back as well as on the front. I felt a little uneasy about my newborn being so low to the ground in the rear load position, mostly because she’s not able to hold her head up and she felt a little vulnerable down there. I think it will be great when she’s sturdier. One of my favorite features is that the harness clicks in and out of each position, so you’re not having to completely remove the padding on the seat to change the height of the harness. We were able to quickly and easily adjust the double kit to the front for my 4-year-old and then we fully reclined the main seat for our baby to sleep in like a bassinet (a very simple thing to do). I loved this particular stroller combo and so did our girls. We laid down a blanket on the main seat to cover the straps and our littlest one was happy as a clam. We also attached the rain guard to create a safe and cozy environment.
On our walk, the stroller maneuvered easily up and over curbs as well as on the sidewalks. Both girls felt comfortable and happy as we tested it in our ’hood as well as on the town. We walked up steep hills, across parking lots, over grass, etc., and the stroller handled each with ease. I really like that this stroller is slim, so it was easy to go in and out of stores and restaurants. This is an amazing feature, especially for a stroller that can seat two. Another great feature is that you can adjust the front wheels to swivel or be fixed with just a touch of a button. Like a lot of modern strollers, there isn’t a snack tray on the front or a cup holder for the parent. You can adapt your stroller by purchasing both separately here.


Overall, the dot is a great looking stroller (it comes in green, red, or grey) that has a small footprint that we really liked for city shopping and storing in our small bungalow. For the price, you get an incredible value, especially if you’re buying for your first child and plan on having more. I love that it works from newborn to age 5. You’d never have to buy another stroller. The dot is an especially good pick for city living, as it was made for that kind of lifestyle.
Price: $450 for stroller, $140 for double kit
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