Philips AVENT SD535 DECT Baby Monitor

By Published On: May 13th, 2013

Philips-Avent“Is it the cat or the baby?” I whisper desperately as I leap out of bed for the 47th time. My husband quietly sighs as he puts the movie on pause again. Being a new mom with a tiny baby may give you supersonic hearing but not necessarily the ability to differentiate between the neighbor’s toilet flushing and the baby actually waking up. Finally, my husband says, “Why don’t we get a baby monitor?” I had dismissed this idea since our apartment isn’t that big and I can always run and check on him, right? But what if I could just sit in bed and watch TV and have the peace of mind of a little handheld device letting me know whether the baby is awake or not? That’s when the light bulb went off.
“You mean no more getting up and panicking?” I said. “Right,” he answered. Enter the AVENT SCD535 DECT Baby Monitor.  Immediately I wonder how I am possibly going to figure out how to use this thing. More technology is never good for a sleep-deprived mom. However, I found that there was an easy to read “Quick Start Guide.” There were thorough safety instructions as well and a helpful question and answer section. I didn’t even need to run out and buy batteries yet; I could get those later as a backup (baby unit plugs right into the wall and only needs batteries if there’s a power outage.) After charging it all up for the specified amount of time, it was show time. Baby asleep? Check.  Monitor in hand? Check. With our movie going and snacks readily accessible we hunkered down for another night of quality DVD watching.
Amazingly the monitor told us the temperature and humidity levels in the baby’s room (as I’m always worried he’s cold or hot, or needs more moisture … you get the picture). The monitor has a feature that allows you to talk to the baby like a walkie talkie if you need to although we aren’t there yet. And, when I went to the bathroom and panicked that I had gone too far away my husband assured me that the instructions stated that the monitor would let me know if I was out of range! I must admit I did use the handy neck strap to carry the parent unit to the bathroom, quite a fashion accessory as well.
So, is it worth it? Do you shell out the cash? I think so. We have peace of mind. Our baby is snoring like a truck driver currently, but since I have checked the humidity levels and know it’s not too dry in there, I’m just going to have to wait out the signs of another cold. I do still peek my head around the corner and look in on my sweetheart, his monitor also supplies a night light and soothing lullabies which make his room all the more peaceful.
Price: $190
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