Perry Mackin Harper

By Published On: August 11th, 2014

The Perry Mackin Harper is a good looking utilitarian diaper […]

The Perry Mackin Harper is a good looking utilitarian diaper bag. The Harper is constructed from nylon and features leather trim. The bag fits my husband’s requirement of not looking like a purse and my requirement of not screaming “baby bag.”
Perry Mackin 1Overall, the Harper is super functional and is a great bag for daily use. Style-wise, the Harper is simple. Our Harper is olive with brown leather trim, although the bag also comes in black and brown. The nylon is coated to be water-resistant, a feature I appreciate in a bag meant for carrying my little one’s bottles and sippy cups, not to mention diapers and wipes. The nylon material of the bag holds up well to heavy use but does get scuff marks. I noticed the marks most on the bottom of the bag. I wish the bag had feet to protect it from abuse. The interior of the bag is also fully lined and wipes up easily.
Perry Mackin 4The Harper is well-designed with lots of thoughtful and highly-functional additions. The main compartment of the bag zips closed for easy access. The Harper can be carried by two regular shoulder straps but also features an optional long strap for cross-body carrying. The handles are sturdy but the zipper and hardware seem to strain a bit if the bag is packed full. The Harper comes with three accessories: a nylon changing pad for on the go diaper changes, zippered pouch and a bottle warmer.
Perry Mackin 3The interior of the bag is well-designed and contains just enough forced organization to be helpful. There are zippered and elastic pockets all around the interior of the bag, but the open main compartment is large enough to hold everything necessary for a day out with your little one. There is also an interior leather strap to keep your keys safe and easily accessible. This strap has also been great to clip pacifiers and toys to—sometimes finding those quickly is more important than locating my keys. The exterior of the Harper has more pockets. On both the front and back of the bag, there are long pockets that snap closed.
Perry Mackin 5I would recommend Perry Mackin’s Harper to anyone looking for a sensibly priced and well-designed diaper bag.
Price: $176
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