Peg Perego Sdraietta Melodia bouncer

By Published On: May 17th, 2010

I think I’m in love with a bouncer. No, not […]

I think I’m in love with a bouncer. No, not a night club thug—the Sdraietta Melodia bouncer from baby gear superstar Peg Perego.
Many bouncers seem to excel in either form or function, but not so with this Italian import. It looks seriously awesome, and then you try it out … and it is seriously awesome! OK, so it does cost a bit more than the average baby seat, but that’s because it has so much more to offer.
First, it’s maybe the most versatile bouncer I’ve come across: The carrying handle and seat back each have three positions, and the foot/leg rest has two positions. So the seat goes from almost a straight line to a near right angle, with lots of settings in between. The infant booster pad can also be removed once baby gets bigger. Basically, baby is going to be comfortable longer, and that means I can get more done while he’s chilling out!
Second, entertainment can be set to baby’s preferences—the toy bar (featuring five interactive noise-making toys) is adjustable and removable, the chair can be set to either stationary or rocking, and there are eight song choices (four “daytime songs” for play and four “nighttime songs” for sleep) with two volume settings. Speakers are built into the seat back for baby surround sound. (His dad is really going to dig that.)
And third, the seat is portable and perfect for everywhere use. It folds nearly flat for storage or transport, and at 9 1/2 pounds, it’s not tough to carry. An adjustable, removable sun shade makes outdoor use a breeze, as long as the weather is agreeable, and the breathable fabric seems comfortable—not hot or sticky. In fact, it would be downright nice to have an adult lounger made from the same stuff!
The S.M. was easy to set up and adjust (if I can do it, you can do it!)—with the addition of two AA batteries, it’s ready to go. What would I change about the S.M.? Very little. The seat fabric is removable, but it’s recommended that the user hand wash it in cold water. If I could machine wash to get rid of spit-up, that would be ideal, but even so, this chair is rad: top quality and very thoughtful in design. I highly recommend it!
P.S. I web-translated Sdraietta Melodia, and it seems to mean “singing cradle” (literally, “cradle song”). Just a little FYI!
Price: $220
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